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Intuitive guidance to help you on your soul journey.

Astrology readings to help you understand your unique energetics, wounds, gifts and purpose in life so you can move forward on your soul’s path of evolution in this incarnation.


Hey there, I'm Suki van K.

Intuitive. Psychic. Astrologer. Tarot Reader. Witch.

From a very young age I’ve been into astrology, tarot, witchcraft and all things magick and woo woo… but it wasn’t until my own health crisis in my thirties that I truly began to understand the vital importance of the archetypal ‘healing journey’.

For so long I resisted the spiritual and esoteric as an adult, worried to step out of the broom closet for fear of judgement and rejection (hello, tenth house Chiron). The further I walked on the path to healing, however, the more I began to see this work as my calling, a way to evolve my soul – and others’ – in this incarnation through the perennial truths contained in ancient mystical traditions such as astrology and tarot.

Experience an intuitive reading.

I currently offer intuitive astrology chart readings, both in person here in Brisbane, Australia and worldwide via Zoom.

Intuitive readings may be a little different from what you’ve experienced before.

Whilst there is an ‘intelligent’ or knowledge-based element to my readings based on years of study and experience; once we get into the reading, it becomes a lot more tailored to the messages, information and insights that need to be delivered to you in the session. Often this means we’ll explore tangents or call in extra planets, points and centaurs to help deliver the information you’ve come to receive.

In person readings.

Find out more and book an intuitive in-person astrology reading.

Online readings.

Find out more and book an intuitive online astrology reading.

The astro reading absolutely blew my mind, and I had so much download after experiencing Suki's wisdom! Honestly, it's changed my life!


Not only do I now have a better understanding of myself and my energy, but I now know how to work with this energy to my advantage. Suki was truly amazing, and I am so grateful!


That was amazing! You are an absolute powerhouse of information. The way you explain things makes a lot of sense - it's wildly helpful!


My reading with Suki was absolutely magical... Being able to focus on these themes and follow them through now I’ve had the validation I'm on the right track is life changing!


The Celestial Notebook...

I love sharing my knowledge to make astrology, tarot, magick and witchcraft accessible to all. As I dive down cosmic rabbit holes researching everything and anything spiritual, I’ll share my notes and thoughts on the blog.