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About Suki van K.

Intuitive. Channel. Astrologer. Psychic. Misfit.

Hi there, I’m Suki van K, an intuitive astrologer and psychic medium.

I spent the first 36 years of my life in the broom closet pretending not to care about all the things that light me up – including magick, astrology, tarot and all things ‘woo woo’.

As a second-generation astrologer, I grew up watching my mum hand draw natal charts and consulting a strange book of numbers and symbols called an ephemeris.

As I got older, we read tarot for each other and it wasn’t exactly a surprise to anyone when, as a teenager, I officially declared myself a Pagan. My beautiful dad still messages me every year to wish me happy solstices.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I didn’t exactly fit in as a kid.

I learnt pretty early on that being ‘woo woo’, talking to people only I could see and reading books on dream interpretations doesn’t win you many friends – so the magick and gifts went on the back burner as I went off to university, travelled the world, settled overseas and started a business – all the while still trying to convince the world (and myself) I was ‘normal’.

I dipped my toes back into magick, tarot and astrology here and there through the years – usually when I started to feel so disconnected from myself that I started to get physically or mentally sick but I kept up the game of trying to fit in and hiding my woo woo side in an effort not to feel like a misfit.

Around 2019 I started to experience mysterious chronic pain that X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, blood tests and specialists were unable to find a cause for… which set me right back on the path of woo woo and instead consulting hypnotherapists, astrologers, energetic coaches and yogis.

“Miraculously” the closer I edged back to my true self, the more the pain eased until one day it disappeared completely. I realised that more I tried to fit in, the more I felt like a misfit. The more I embraced my ‘weirdness’, the more at home in the world I felt and the better I felt for it.

That brings us to today, finally content in accepting myself in all my woo woo-ness and encouraging others to do the same through sharing my work and my readings.