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Everything you need to know about eclipses…

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Last updated for March/April 2024 eclipse season.

Eclipses always occur in pairs approximately two weeks apart from each other, one will be a solar eclipse and one will be a lunar eclipse which will happen on the new moon and full moon respectively. 

“Eclipse season” refers to the period of time surrounding a pair of eclipses. For most people, it refers to the two week (ish) period between two eclipses that occur within the same month, lunation or lunar cycle.

When it comes to everyday life here on earth, understanding the astrology of eclipses, working magick or even charging or cleansing your crystals – what exactly does eclipse season mean and how does it impact you?

What exactly is an eclipse?

Eclipses have a very interesting history for us humans. Traditionally considered an ill omen or inauspicious (or unlucky) event when the Sun, our main source of light and life dims in the sky during broad daylight or the moon turns blood red in the depth of the night. 

This direct experience and observation of eclipses for our ancestors has led to a lot of fear around eclipses – fear that still persists in modern culture even though we understand now that eclipses are simply light being temporarily blocked by a celestial body. 

This is either the earth blocking light from the Sun reaching the moon in a full moon lunar eclipse or the moon blocking light from the Sun from reaching the earth in a new moon solar eclipse.

New Moon Solar Eclipses are when the Moon passes between the earth and Sun, casting a shadow on earth and blocking the bulk of the Sun’s shape, creating the ‘ring of fire’ effect where it appears the moon is on fire.
Full Moon Lunar Eclipses are when the earth passes between the Sun and Moon, blocking the bulk of the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon, causing the moon to appear darker or dimmer or even becoming orange or red.

How often do eclipses occur?

Eclipses – as in a single eclipse event i.e. a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March 2024 – happen multiple times a year, but you can expect two or three eclipse ‘seasons’ per year.

The second way we can think of eclipses is as a pair of eclipse events that happen within two weeks of each other – i.e. a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March 2024 and a new moon solar eclipse in Aries on 8 April 2024. This is what we refer to as ‘eclipse season’.

Eclipse dates for 2024, 2025 and 2026 are as follows:

  • 25 March 2024 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra
  • 8 April 2024 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries
  • 18 September 2024 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces
  • 2 October 2024 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra
  • 14 March 2025 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo
  • 29 March 2025 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries
  • 7 September 2025 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces
  • 21 September 2025 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo
  • 17 February 2026 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius
  • 3 March 2026 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo
  • 12 August 2026 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo
  • 28 August 2026 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Looking at the pairs of eclipses, you could then say that we have two eclipse seasons happening each year for the next few years, though sometimes we can more in a single year.

How do eclipses impact us astrologically?

Eclipses have a bit of a special role to play in astrology because of how they come about. 

I’ve mentioned above that eclipses are a result of light being blocked by a celestial body, but there’s another layer of an eclipse which is relevant to astrologers – and that’s the fact that eclipses can only occur when the sun and moon are within about 18 degrees of the lunar nodes… otherwise known as the nodes of fate.

What on earth are the lunar nodes?!

The lunar nodes are not planets like the Moon or Pluto, but rather points in space. The lunar nodes are the points in space at which the Moon in its orbit around earth (which is tilted at 5°), crosses the ecliptic – or apparent path of the Sun around the earth – yes, we know the earth moves around the Sun, but from our point of view on earth during the course of a day the Sun *appears* to complete a circle around the earth at approximately the level of the equator.

Eclipses can only occur when the Sun and the Moon appear to cross paths from our point of view on earth at the nodal points.

Another name for the nodal points or lunar nodes is the nodes of fate. This is because of the significance we place on the nodes in astrology, as points that are involved in our soul’s evolution. 

We have the South Node, which in astrology signifies where you’ve come from (both early in this life and in past lives) and the North Node that signifies where you’re meant to be heading in this life (your purpose or your destiny) in order to help your soul evolve and grow and learn the lessons you have come here to learn in this lifetime.

Lunar eclipses then, taking place on these nodes of fate, generally have a very fateful or destined feel – with events and synchronicities happening during eclipse season that close chapters in our lives or open new ones (or perhaps even both!) that – when looking back – feel like pivotal moments in the story of our lives here on earth.

Who is most likely to be impacted by or feel the effects of an eclipse?

The Moon is one of the most significant planets for us humans living life here on earth. The Moon’s relationship to earth affects fertility cycles, the tides of the seas and oceans, even the sap in plants. It’s vital to our cycles here on earth, so it’s only natural that a major celestial event such as an eclipse will affect all life below on earth.

During an eclipse, you may feel the need to rest a little more, take your foot off the accelerator and go inward to reflect and contemplate where you’re at and where you’re heading next.

Eclipse moons are NOT a time to manifest or to charge or cleanse crystals.

The eclipse season is not a time to make requests of the universe, it’s a time to surrender to the universe and let it remove what needs to leave your life and bring in what was always destined to enter your life.

In this way, we gratefully accept what is meant for us and gracefully let go of what is not meant for us. If, instead, we do not surrender, dig our heels in, make demands or believe we know best and try to control situations, that’s when we experience suffering and things tend to blow up in our faces because we are so full of attachment and resistance.

Eclipses are only painful for those who are not conscious and mindful that they are co-creators with the universe, experiencing life rather than controlling it, freely letting the ebbs and flows of life move around them and with them.

That said, there will be some signs who feel the eclipse a little more intensely than others. This is because we all have lunar nodes in our very own astrological natal or birth charts. If an eclipse happens to be taking place within orb (or close to) your natal nodes, or an eclipse is squaring your natal nodes, you are likely to feel it more intensely because it’s ‘activating’ your personal nodal axis in your chart, pushing you even harder towards your destiny and away from your comfort zone – as evidenced in my very own eclipse experiences…

A personal experience of a life-changing eclipse on my nodes…

I have an eclipse portal experience from my own life to share with you to demonstrate the power of eclipses in moving us closer to the life that’s meant for us.

My eclipse story takes place back in August of 2005 when I (like thousands of young adults across the UK) was anxiously awaiting the results of my A-Levels, which are the exams you take around the age of 18 or 19 and determine whether or not you get to attend university.

I did not have an easy upbringing and my relationship with my mother was extremely toxic, I saw university as my ticket out of an extremely unhappy home situation and the start of my whole new life. I had applied to and was accepted to Warwick University on the condition I achieved three B grades in my chosen subjects.

Come results day, my friends and I headed in to college, collected our results and ripped the envelopes open, frantically translating the lines of text, point tallies and grades. All around me, people were celebrating – I should have been too, I ended up with two A grades… but also a C grade. Unfortunately, Warwick University were non-negotiable on needing that B grade in French to accept me for my four year long degree…

Earlier that spring, I had completely and utterly fluffed up my French oral exam. For the first time in my *entire* life, I found myself lost for words… in an exam which relied solely on my ability to speak. I flapped and floundered like a fish. The examiner just looked at me, unimpressed and crossed his arms. I moved my mouth but not a single word would come out – not in English, French or German which I was also studying at the time. I was stuffed.

I left my friends, hugging each other and celebrating and cried all the way home. I called the examining body in tears begging them to reconsider. I called Warwick University and tried to bargain with them but it was no good. I missed the mark by 9 points out of 120, which would have secured me that B grade and my place at Warwick.

I won’t go into the details of the awful things I contemplated that day, thinking I couldn’t get away from my unbearable home situation, but thankfully my dad reminded me that we all make insurance applications to alternative universities and urged me to call my second choice, Sussex University down in Brighton. I *literally* remember the kind lady saying to me on the phone as I choked back my sobs “Are you kidding me? You got two A grades! We’d be honoured to accept you!”

Sussex University was an absolute blast, I met friends I’m still in contact with, fell in love, set up my new life and of course studied a little in there too… 

How does this fit into a life-changing, destiny moment, eclipse story? Well, after I finished my four-year long degree, I stayed on in Brighton, where I ended up in a relationship with someone who encouraged me to move to Australia with them… the relationship lasted a month once we arrived in Australia (another story for another time!) but that was all I needed to know I loved this country with all my heart and wanted to stay – and of course, ended up meeting my now husband here.

Those 9 points felt like they utterly ruined my life back then. I am *never* *ever* lost for words (as anyone who has ever had an astrology reading with me knows!) but that exam took place during eclipse season – taking place on my natal north node – the north node in my birth chart.

A life-changing, destiny moment I will eternally be grateful for indeed… at least now in retrospect!!

What is an ‘eclipse portal’?!

You may have heard talk on socials or astrological sites about ‘eclipse portals’. 

It kind of makes eclipses sound like little doorways or wormholes in space that can take us from one place to another… and whilst it may not be true from a physical, bodily perspective (a glowing door will *not* appear on everyone’s front lawn this eclipse, sorry) it does have some truth for us spiritually, psychically, mentally or on a soul evolution level because of the very fact that they take place on the nodes of fate, moving us away from what’s familiar and ‘safe’ but ultimately not what we’re here to experience and towards what we’re going to grow from and evolve with most in this lifetime.

The *exact* period the eclipse portal refers to kind of varies depending on who you ask – for most it’s the two (ish) week period between the first eclipse and the second eclipse. For others, it includes a lead up time before and after the actual eclipses.

Personally for me, I count complete lunations (or new to full to new) in a single cycle, so if – like with the full moon eclipse on 25 March 2024 plus the new moon eclipse on 9 April 2024 – the two-week (ish) eclipse period starts with a full moon, I would include the new moon preceding that full moon in the eclipse season period, because for me a cycle always begins on a new moon. 

It’s not necessarily astronomically or astrologically “correct” but magickally, it feels more correct that a portal would open on a new moon (new beginnings, blank slates, intentions, possibilities).

That means the first eclipse portal for 2024 starts on the new moon in Pisces on 10 March 2024 (even though it’s not an eclipse) and ends on the 24 April 2024 with the full moon in Scorpio (again even though it’s not an eclipse) with the two eclipses on 25 March and 9 April 2024 occurring within and being bookended by these dates.

During the ‘portal’, time may feel like it moves a little bit differently because of how much is shifting in life. You may leave one job and start another, move house, leave a partner, find a new partner… fluff your exams. It may feel like absolutely everything is happening at once… or conversely like nothing is happening.

How do I work with eclipses?

Whether you’re a full-on witch or just a little bit woo woo, you may usually complete a little manifestation ritual on a full or new moon, you may take your crystals outside to cleanse or charge on the new or full moon, you may make moon water for yourself, your plants or your rituals or complete other magickal or soul work on these normally auspicious (or lucky) new or full moons.

Due to the huge movements involved in eclipses, shifting every single human on earth away from what doesn’t serve them and towards what does; eclipse energy can be somewhat… chaotic. Therefore it’s best not to undertake any magickal works or draw down any eclipse energy into crystals or other talismans.

The best way to work with an eclipse is to let an eclipse work on *you*.

Surrender, reflect, be open to messages, synchronicities, shifts and opportunities being sent your way. Gentle activities like yin yoga, journalling, baths, walks, time in nature, visiting the ocean (to help learn her lessons of ebbing and flowing) are recommended during eclipses and in the eclipse portal.

Being as open as you can to what (or who) is leaving and entering your life and simply observing how the eclipse is manifesting for you personally, is the absolute best way to understand how eclipses impact you, how you feel during eclipses and what you and your body needs to feel supported during eclipse season.

Remember, observation is the single most useful tool in astrology.

No book, magazine, app or article (even this one) can possibly tell you *exactly* how an eclipse will affect you or appear in your life. Only you can observe this in your own life. The hugely positive side effect of observing how astrological events impact you and your life is that by relinquishing control and simply observing, you will ironically feel like you have more control, opportunities and options and be far less terrified of astrological events like eclipses and Mercury Retrogrades.

Of course if you would like to translate your chart, to better understand where the eclipse is going to be in relation to your chart and to your personal natal lunar nodes, or get an understanding of where and how the eclipse energy is most likely to make itself known, you can book in a reading with me to explore and translate your natal chart together. Readings are available in person in Brisbane, Australia or online, worldwide.