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Your horoscope for
June 2024

I’m sure you’ll be pleased (translation: relieved) to hear that June is shaping up to be a pretty pleasant month in terms of the movements of the stars and planets above – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring – it is Gemini season after all and Geminis are all about getting out and about, meeting people and being social.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, takes centre stage this month dominating the major movements in our skies after it moves into its home sign of Gemini on 3 June 2024 – it’s being the perfect host and making sure we have *plenty* to keep us occupied, our glass is topped up and the company is good.

Thankfully, unlike the past two months, we have no real dramatic aspects to Chiron (which usually has us licking our wounds and processing our hurts) or the North Node (which can see us forced out of our comfort zone and propelled on the path towards our destiny) which only adds to the light-hearted almost party-like atmosphere of June… and that suits Gemini season just fine.

We don’t even have any oppositions this month (besides our regularly scheduled full moon in Capricorn of course).

That said, we do still have Pluto in retrograde, who will be joined by Saturn at the end of the month who stations retrograde on 30 June 2024.

You may see the Pluto retrograde manifesting as nudges to deal with your less desirable traits, habits and triggers (AKA “shadow work”) and pondering how you’ve truly evolved and changed over the past 6 months or so that Pluto had been direct – and asking yourself am I making efforts to change, grow and evolve or am I suppressing and repressing?

When Saturn stations retrograde, you might start looking at what you’ve built over the past 12 months – the rules you live by, the responsibilities you’ve taken on (or would like to take on) and your place in society as well as how you feel about that place. You might feel as though it’s time to make changes, do some restructuring and/or implement some new rules or reinforce what’s already working.

Remember: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – retrogrades are not your enemy! They’re actually your best friend, giving you space and time to slow down, go inside, reevaluate, check your progress and make any course adjustments as necessary.

(Dates and times correct for Brisbane, Australia and vary depending on location.)

3 June 2024

Mercury enters Gemini

Welcome home, Mercury! As the natural ruler of the sign of Gemini, Mercury is back in its home sign for the next two weeks. Think of how it feels when you’ve just got back after a trip, you’ve spent the whole day travelling, concentrating on driving or not missing your flight connections and then you arrive home, tired but content, kick off your shoes, make a coffee in your favourite mug and sink into your couch. Not that Mercury will let you sit idle for long, mind, it has plans and we’re all invited. Mercury is all about speed, exchange, movement and travel – as the closest to the Sun it has the fastest orbit and in Mythology Mercury is the winged messenger of the Gods travelling between the Gods, humans and the underworld delivering messages. In Gemini, Mercury is social, chatty, busy, preoccupied, a little scattered but most of all restless. So harness the energy of Mercury in Gemini to run errands, clear your to do list and get out and get social… just make sure you also schedule in some down time as Mercury also rules our nervous system and we can quickly find ourselves frazzled and burnt out if we spend too much time partying and being social.

4 June 2024

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter moved into the sign of Gemini on 26 May 2024 where it will stay until 10 June 2025. On average Jupiter will spend around 12 months in a sign before moving into the next sign, taking roughly 12 years to move all the way around the zodiac. Jupiter is the planet of gifts, blessings, opportunities, hope and abundance. As a gas giant and the biggest planet in our solar system (Earth could fit inside Jupiter 1,300 times…) Jupiter has a tendency to expand anything it touches whilst Mercury is all about that exchange – whether it’s a message, information, money or goods – making today a truly excellent day to open your mind, ask for more, expect expert guidance or receive vital, valuable information that truly expands your horizons and potential.

5 June 2024

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini

Venus finds itself conjunct – or cazimi (as if in the heart of) – the Sun today. When a planet conjuncts the Sun it’s a little like it enters the baptismal fires and comes out the other side reborn, reinvigorated, refuelled and reenergised. As Venus is the planet of value, love, connection, appreciation and most importantly self-love; you can expect a renewal in your closest relationships. The Sun represents the highest expression of our souls in this lifetime, so regardless of whether you’re partnered or not, you can make the most of this conjunction by renewing your vows to yourself – what are your values in life? Are you living by them or are you compromising them? What do you truly appreciate in life? Are you prioritising that or letting it slip down the to do list? Who do you feel close to in this life? Perhaps you feel you’ve lost touch with yourself? Renew those connections, get in touch with what you appreciate (and who or what appreciates *you*) and reconnect with your values. This conjunction kicks off a new cycle between the Sun and Venus, which happens once every nine and a half months (ish) and reminds us to reconnect our soul (Sun) with our heart (Venus).

6 June 2024

New Moon in Gemini

Gemini is happier in a crowd than by itself, more comfortable overthinking than attempting to tune into feelings, would rather have double and triple booked itself than find itself without plans at all – and with this new moon conjunct both chatty Mercury and connected Venus, this is doubly the case this new moon.

Geminis are also the sign of the zodiac associated with duality. Represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, who in mythology were twin brothers, one immortal and one mortal. When the mortal twin died, the immortal twin agreed to share his immortality so that both may continue to live – though part of the agreement with Zeus was that they were to spend half of their time on Mount Olympus and half in the Underworld – giving us another dimension of duality in how they spend their time – half amongst the Gods and half amongst the dead. This duality lives in all of us regardless of whether we have a Gemini Sun sign (or any Gemini placements at all) – the house that Gemini rules in your birth chart can help give you further clues into the area of your life that this duality will play itself out most clearly for you.

New Moons are all about beginnings, blank slates, setting off again on a fresh journey, a fresh cycle and another chance to explore duality within yourself. If you’re normally introverted (and would probably enjoy the six months in the Asphodel Meadows of the Underworld to Mount Olympus) how can you explore your extroverted side, make more plans over the coming weeks, start more conversations with people? If you’re normally extroverted (and the idea of six months amongst the revelry and legendary personalities of the Gods on Mount Olympus rather than the Underworld), how can you leave a little time for rest and reflection, get used to your own company and recharge your batteries for the next social occasion? Remember: there is growth in discomfort.

9 June 2024

Mars enters Taurus

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, mostly because not many really feel sorry for the God of War, but poor Mars – not long out of the watery depths of Pisces, Mars enjoyed a brief, but potent, stay in its home sign of Aries before heading into Taurus where the planet is in “detriment” (or opposite it’s other home sign of Scorpio) and therefore not at its strongest or most powerful. Don’t feel too sorry for the red planet though, it’s not complete impotent in Taurus. In Roman mythology Mars was the God of War, yes, but he was also the God of Agriculture – and Taurus is the gardener of the zodiac. Though progress is likely to be slower and steadier during this planet’s stay in the fixed earth sign than Mars is used to, it’s still going to be productive – building strong foundations and even stronger relationships. Mars will be in Taurus until 21 July 2024, so choose to channel your energy into creating and building something worthwhile that you truly value and can be fiercely proud of.

15 June 2024

Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini

The second of our cazimis for this month (we also had a Venus cazimi or Sun conjunct Venus on 5 June 2024). Mercury will enter the ceremonial fires of the Sun to receive vital information and emerge renewed today, which may see you receiving yet more information, messages, hints, nudges, revelations or ‘downloads’, just as you may have experienced on 4 June 2024 when Mercury was conjunct gas giant Jupiter… in fact, this could even be a continuation of the theme, the next chapter, a new instalment or shedding more light on what’s unfolded since the beginning of the month and that conjunction with benevolent Jupiter. Either way you’re going to want to keep your journal near, start a new note on your phone and if you can, make time in your busy Gemini season schedule for meditation, because what comes through today is likely to be worth its weight in gold.

17 June 2024

Venus enters Cancer
Mercury enters Cancer
Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer

All change please, all change. The two fastest planets, Mercury and Venus make the change into the sign of Cancer together today within just three hours of each other… then at 10:42 PM Brisbane time, the two planets conjoin in a beautiful union of both the left brain and the right brain, creativity and intelligence, heart and mind. Often in today’s crazy busy world we can feel as though our hearts and minds are in conflict – “my mind says this isn’t a smart investment, but my heart just can’t let it go…” or “I know this person treated me poorly and my mind says not to give them another chance, but my heart reminds me that everyone makes mistakes, maybe they deserve another go?”. Today, however hearts and minds are on the same page, they want the same thing and it’s likely to revolve around themes of safety, security, belonging and the home being as this conjunction takes place in the sign of Cancer – the ruler of our physical and mental homes. Today is a fantastic day for important conversations with loved ones, connection to self, journalling, talking things out with those closest to you and tuning in to receive any messages from your intuition and heartspace.

21 June 2024

Sun moves into Cancer

Happy Birthday Cancerians! Cancer season is all about where we belong, where we feel welcome, where we’ve come from and where we feel safe. The Cancer crab literally carries its home on its back and when threatened or feeling unsafe, the crab will retreat into its shell and the claws come out, not unlike our human Cancer counterparts! The upside of this emotionally sensitive being though is an intense loyalty and protectiveness, a home that’s always there no matter how far you wander or how old you are. Every year cancer season comes along to help us learn the lesson that home isn’t a place or a person (at least not in the 3D, physical world sense!) it’s a feeling and because it’s a feeling, home is something that is always inside you, waiting to be rediscovered, waiting to be noticed, chosen, cultivated and honoured. Home is wherever you are – just like the shell on the Cancer crab’s back. Sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth…

22 June 2024

Full Moon in Capricorn

We’re ankle deep in the waters of Cancer season at the moment, which means if the Sun is in Cancer, the moon is in its opposite sign of Capricorn. As you would expect from an opposite, Capricorn is nowhere near as in touch with its emotions as Cancer is. Pragmatic, objective, goal-oriented and business-like Capricorn would rather plan about it than feel about it. So if Cancer season has got you feeling all the feels, you may have to work a little harder to release them than normal with Capricorn at the helm of this Full Moon. Full Moons are normally a great time for release – our efforts since the New Moon on 6 June 2024 have reached culmination and it’s time to reap what we’ve sown and surrender the rest to the universe.

One thing I love to do on the Capricorn Full Moon is look back to the last Capricorn New Moon, which was 11 January 2024 and see what I have achieved or manifested since then. From New Moon to Full Moon in the same sign approximately six months later is a bigger cycle of sowing and reaping that corresponds to the qualities of the sign the new and full moon were in. If your memory is really not that great or you have no idea where you were, who you were or what you were doing in January this year, just conduct a little mental review of your achievements this year so far, how you’re tracking against your new year’s resolutions or your personal goals and if you’re way off track, use the structure and discipline of the Capricorn Full Moon to release any unmet expectations and steer the ship back on course if those goals are still in line with who you are and where you’re heading today.

30 June 2024

Saturn stations retrograde

As I mentioned last month when Pluto stationed retrograde and alluded to at the start of this horoscope, retrogrades are not your enemy, retrograde periods are simply a time to go slower, turn inward and reevaluate. Imagine you have a car and you’re taking a long drive with no speed limits and clear roads. You put the car in top gear and push the pedal to the floor – if you’re gonna get there, you may as well get there as soon as possible, right? Now imagine it’s a good few hours later, you most likely need a bathroom stop and to stretch your legs and you notice now that the thermostat is creeping dangerously close to an overheated engine… Stay with me here – let’s pretend you don’t pull over, let’s say you keep your foot down and ignore the alarms as your car tells you its overheating and steam starts pouring out from under the bonnet. This would be life without any retrogrades.

Despite what modern society would have us believe, we’re not built to just keep going and going until we overheat. We’re cyclical beings, just like the planets, just like the moon phases, just like the seasons. Even farmers know that a paddock can’t be planted out or used for grazing year in, year out. The paddock needs to lie fallow from time to time to regenerate. We’re no different as humans. As above, so below, remember? As Saturn is the planet of boundaries, limitations, structure, rules and authority, when retrograde it reminds us not to just blindly follow the rules, colour in the lines and bow down to authority. I’m not saying it’s time to rise up and rebel(!) but I am saying that a healthy review and questioning of the rules and structures that govern your life is healthy from time to time and there’s no better time than a Saturn retrograde with the foot well and truly off the accelerator pedal.

All of these planetary energies and conjunctions will affect you differently depending on which houses of your chart and natal planetary configurations are currently being activated and transited.

If you want more insights on how this month’s transits will manifest in your life, you can book in a one on one reading with me here.