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Soul-deep insights and celestial guidance.

Intuitive readings are about more than just tarot cards and natal charts.

These are simply tools to deliver the right message at the right time.

These tools are mostly there to keep our human brains distracted and engaged whilst our higher selves talk about the important stuff. Think of it like giving a toddler a colouring book so the grown ups can talk…

An intuitive reading is a real-life connection between you, me and the universe to get soul-deep insights and cosmic guidance. It’s a chance to peek into the life of your higher self, see what’s on the road ahead and learn how best to navigate the lessons and blessings on the horizon.

Astrology chart readings.

Online or in-person deep dives into your soul’s unique blueprint – also known as your natal chart.

Get soul-deep insights into your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses, your life lessons, your gifts and your purpose here on earth in this lifetime.

Each 75 minute session includes a keepsake copy of your natal chart and video/audio recording.

Astrology readings

We’ll meet in person to translate and explore your unique natal chart.

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Astrology readings

Online translation and exploration of your unique natal chart via Zoom.

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Tarot card readings.

Online or in-person intuitive tarot readings based on astrological wisdom.

A unique astrology-inspired 13 card spread that dives into what’s happening for you right now, where you’re heading, what energies are playing out in different areas of your life and how best to work with these energies for your highest purpose.

Tarot readings

An in-person tarot card reading to give you insights and answers.

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Tarot readings

A one-on-one online tarot card reading to gain insights and answers.

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The astro reading absolutely blew my mind, and I had so much download after experiencing Suki's wisdom! Honestly, it's changed my life!


Everything is there in the chart and it all makes sense now. There are so many things I knew but didn't know I knew... It's very exciting!


Not only do I now have a better understanding of myself and my energy, but I now know how to work with this energy to my advantage. Suki was truly amazing, and I am so grateful!


That was amazing! You are an absolute powerhouse of information. The way you explain things makes a lot of sense - it's wildly helpful!


My reading with Suki was absolutely magical... Being able to focus on these themes and follow them through now I’ve had the validation I'm on the right track is life changing!


Hey there, I'm Suki van K.

Astrologer. Intuitive. Psychic. Misfit.

I’ve always been into astrology, tarot, magick and all things woo woo, but it wasn’t until I embarked on my own healing journey and experienced first-hand the incredible power of knowing who I am, what I came here to learn, how to work with my strengths and weaknesses and the gifts I came here to share; that I connected to my soul purpose and started truly living the life I came here to live.

I’m passionate about encouraging you to do the same through intuitive astrology and tarot readings that help you understand who you are, why you’re here and how to step into the life you are destined for.