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Ready to find your voice and put your marketing on cruise control?

Don't you hate sales pages?

Me too.

You know those sales pages that are 12 miles long, give your thumb cramp from scrolling and say the same thing in 120 different ways? The ones that take you 20 minutes just to find out what they actually do and how you can work with them?

This isn’t one of those.

I figure if you’ve made it to the page titled ‘work with me’ you’re probably thinking about working with me… right?

So let’s make this easy:

Here’s what I do

Here’s how it works

Here’s who I work with (and who I don’t)

Here’s how you can work with me

Oh – and here’s a fun photo and little blurb about me in case you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the about page yet.

Still have questions? Here’s how you can get in touch with me.

Now wasn’t that painless?

What I do...

I help business owners master their own marketing and put their lead generation and promotion on cruise control.

What does that mean?

Conjure up an image of a car – you’re taking the on-ramp to the highway, so you accelerate up to speed and merge. You’re up to speed, cruising along and your turnoff isn’t for another 30 minutes. If your car is fancy (unlike mine) and has cruise control, you turn it on and let it keep you rocking along at a constant speed until you need to slow down to take your exit.

That’s what I do to your marketing.

If your marketing isn’t up to speed, we’ll get it up to speed.

We’ll build it so it rocks along, effortlessly bringing in those lovely leads and clients.

When you sell out and need to slow down for a tick, it’ll just hum away quietly in the background, waiting for you.

… and when you’re ready to welcome in more clients, you flick a few switches, put your foot down and you’re away.


How it works...

As an aspiring minimalist (not kidding, you should see my house…) I like to keep it simple and fluff-free.

  1. I meet you where your marketing is at RIGHT NOW – what you’ve got, what you’ve tried, what’s frustrating you and help you clarify where you want to go.
  2. Next, we’ll identify the RIGHT PEOPLE – the ideal customers you’re here to serve. No more saying yes to bad clients just to pay the bills.
  3. Once we know who we’re talking to, it’s time to nail the RIGHT MESSAGE for them that communicates your mission and creates conversation.
  4. Next comes our where. The RIGHT PLACE to get your message and mission in front of your people. I’m talking working smart, not hard here.
  5. By the end of our process working together, you’ll have the RIGHT RULES for marketing your business the RIGHT WAY – tailored to your mission, your passion, your message and your people. Hello cruise control.

No throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, no squashing yourself into places that just don’t fit, no one-size-fits-all BS, no hopping on transient trends and no spreading yourself too thin.

Just you, your mission and your people.

How does that sound?

Who I work with…

(and who I don’t)

I’m motivated by your mission. I want to work with people who have built businesses from their passion and are driven by a mission bigger than themselves.

I love collaborating with fire-starters, trail-blazers, cheer-leaders, rights-advocators, freedom-seekers, leap-takers and world-changers.

We’ll be the perfect fit if…

  • You’ve already launched your business
  • You’re a woman or man with a mission
  • You have a purpose-driven business
  • You’re ready to grow your business
    (and your bank account)
  • You’re not that confident promoting yourself and your business – YET
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You’re ready to connect with your ideal clients
  • You don’t mind the occasional dad joke
  • You won’t settle for ‘meh’

We won’t work if you want…

  • Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Growth hacks
  • The latest fad
  • Spam or scams
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Templates
  • Complicated systems
  • Pointless processes

Work with me...

Whether you’re after some tips and coaching to DIY your own marketing, you just want it done for you or you want to work together to create some truly meaningful marketing, I’m in.

Get in touch with me via the form below or pick up the phone and give me a call and we’ll chat about where you’re at, where you want to go and how I can help you get there.

I’m Suki van K

AKA Suki-with-the-long-name.

I'm a marketing nerd so you don't have to be. My passion is your passion - helping you communicate it in in the right way to the right people so you can focus on your mission and on making an impact. I'm a word nerd, francophile, dog-obsessed, ex-pom who has lived in Australia, by the seaside, for the past 10 years.